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About MBA

Cutting to the chase, MBA is unique because it provides clients with three crucial qualities: practical experience, amazing success and high energy. 25 years of real-world success reinforce every effort undertaken on behalf of clients.

Notice the lack of statements like, "quality work," "willingness to listen," or "commitment to your goals." Those qualities are to be considered the most basic of qualities. Also, notice the lack of portfolio or complicated pages that detail corporate or strategic philosophies. Portfolios are simply what's been done for someone else; there is never a standard approach to a client's needs as each client's needs—and ultimate success—is different.

Over the years, we've learned that successful relationships are based around clear communication, understanding of goals and the dogged pursuit of achieving them. If you are interested in learning more about MBA and discovering whether working together will be profitable, call 800.359.0657, 605.261.6070 (direct) or email

However, in a practical sense, the following are examples of our work:

• Creating an App to track customer preferences in order to develop more profitable products
• Creating a video for a brand new PAC to accelerate funding and galvanize voting support
• Managing national trade magazine advertising—from production to budgeting to placement
• Electing a public official in a highly contested race
• Producing a video system for custom-text insertion that plays in 300 outlets across the country
• Building a website that allows customers to upload product and billing-data real-time
• Creating a multi-million dollar restaurant brand–from name to logo to decor to pricing strategy
• Providing an NGO with over $500,000 of publicity
• Directing the daily marketing calendar of a regional technology service company and 9 salespeople
• Creating a fundraising platform that has raised nearly $50,000 for local Veteran's causes
• Promoting a regional 2-day event that regularly attracts over 100,000 visitors
• Designing a tradeshow environment that hosts over $1,000,000 in annual sales
• Producing a product-training system to accompany a new product launch
• Creating nearly a hundred trademarks, patents and copyrighted works
• Achieving more awards than need to be counted